Your VA Nearshore Partner

Talent is our specialty.

We are specialists nurturing bilingual talent and managing outsourced VA´s for customers in eCommerce and other types of business.

Our goal is to simplify the experience of hiring a qualified and tested virtual assistant through our process of talent acquisition. We want to provide happy and well-compensated assistants, so we work hard in generating a safe and stimulating working environment, competitive salaries, and career opportunities for our collaborators.

All our assistants are certified, ensuring that their listening, writing and speaking levels are adequate for business communication.

Firm Details

Location Colombia

Founded 2017

Employees 15-50

Main Service Ecommerce and General Virtual Assistants

Secondary Service E-commerce Operations


In Sharkhelpers we believe in talent, so our main goal is to provide career opportunities for young professionals through meaningful experiences that help to enhance and nurture their profiles with globally demanded skills.

In a changing world, specialization is the key to be competitive. That´s why we work hard in enhancing our collaborators' profiles with skills and knowledge related to the eCommerce industry, besides nurturing English communication skills.

We also believe that providing value is the best way to assure long time relationships, so we work to achieve short-term objectives with periodic follow-ups and adjustments to improve the process.

  • Competitive Rates and Cost Savings.
  • English Tested.
  • Happy and well-compensated assistants.
  • Trained on Amazon Seller Central.
  • Different skills according to the business needs.
  • Bilingual Executive Assistant.
  • Technical expertise.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Shopify Partners.

Our Basic Virtual Assistants can perform front and back-office support tasks such as help desk support, executive assistant, customer service, document production, email management, call handling, among others. On the other side, our eCommerce virtual assistants are trained on supporting Amazon merchants from the creation of an Amazon business account to effective management to keep and improve the account´s health.

Our process of talent acquisition starts with a network of more than 100 professionals, which are English tested and, trained to perform basic tasks on demand. The profiles that stand out are enrolled in our eCommerce academy, or in specific courses to enhance business communication skills.

We just choose the best talent to nurture quality!