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Finding the right technology staff provider can be a daunting task, but we will help you!

Our Method

We evaluate your needs

& present options

We will gather enough information from you to understand your requirements and present trusted firms that can provide the service!

Our Method

We know Nearshore

& will guide you

We work with small and medium-sized firms that can be trusted and will take care of you!

Our Method
How We Work

4 Steps To Make Successful Business

We will save you time by understanding your needs and requirements and filtering the best Nearshore firms for your project from our trusted providers.

Requirements Analysis

We first have to understand your technical requirements such as the type of project, technology stack, wanted business relationship and budget

Trusted Providers Validation

We discuss , explain and validate the requirements with our trusted providers, we look for techinical capabilities, availability and business affinity

No Compromise Meetings

We schedule one to one business meetings for our filtered trusted providers to present themselves and services

You select & Hire

If you find one or more firm that you want to work with then you hire the firm directly and independently. If needed we can advise on this part

We search for you

One Contact Multiple Options

Finding the right Nearshore technology firm can be a daunting task, there are many options and is hard to filter the best firms for your needs, fortunately for you, we understand this industry, and we know well the geographical region from Central America to South America.

Sometimes what you need can be provided by more than one consulting firm, whether its software development, graphic design, agile coaching or virtual assistants we will show you the best option from our trusted partners for you.
We will first work with our trusted partners, but if it isn't possible to provide the service by our trusted partners, then we will reach out to an extended network of Nearshore technology firms and provide more options.
We specialize on showcasing Nearshore firms that will help provide technology services at a cost-effective rate solving the talent shortage and hight costs in the US and Canada.

Some of these firms specialize on staff Augmentation, others have managed and independent teams, we will help you define the best business model for your case.
Our trusted providers have common ground values of fair and clean competition, employees wellbeing, fair compensation, and local social initiatives.

Our trusted providers share a common goal of economic cooperation between all the Americas to create value for all, and in that sense is economically sustained by the providers that act as affiliates.

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