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ATLANTICSOFT | Managed Teams , Staff Augmentation

"We are commited to create value by dedicating full time technical talent to one and only one company or project, we follow the Agile and Software Craftmanship manifestos to create solutions incrementally with technical excellence making the lives all involved happier.

We build products with from Colombia to the world.

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CASTOR | Digital Transformation, Agile Development

"We are experts in Web and mobile application development, tools use and adaptation, cultural change necessary for the Digital Transformation of your organization

"Take your organization to the next level by implementing cultural change and knowledge of effective ways to achieve goals"

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PERFILTIC | Specialized it recruitment

"We connect software developers with opportunities that allow them to work from where they want to live, away from the crowded cities.

We recruit and present for you the company to hire the developer directly "

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PUNTO SINGULAR | Staff Augmentation

"We specialize in building high-performance IT teams for our clients.

Our offices are located outside the known technology hubs, which allows us to bring in talent typically out of range from the industry.

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QS2 POINT | Technological Innovation

" By providing exceptional solutions, exceptional talent, and best practices in the industry, we help our partners leverage technology to succeed in their business goals.

Founded in 2007, QS2 Point is an American technology and consulting firm, a trusted partner for software and application development. "

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SHARK HELPERS | E-commerce and General Virtual Assistants

"We provide opportunities for local professionals to develop their careers assisting small business owners to increase their productivity.

Our virtual assistants are bilingual and have been tested to meet the industry standard. We are specialists in nurturing bilingual talent and managing outsourced VA´s for customers in different types of businesses. "

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