Your Technical Nearshore Partner

We live our mission on a daily basis.

We provide our customers with interdisciplinary teams that, through software development, mentorship and support, materialize the objectives generating value and mutual continuous growth, thus achieving a relationship of trust.

This allows us to offer our collaborators an environment for professional growth through learning and continuous improvements achieving stable work and a win-win relationship.

At the same time we are also looking for new business opportunities, entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

Talent + Experience + Academy = Long Term Teams

Firm Details

Location Miami & Colombia

Founded 2007

Employees 50-100

Main Service Independent Software Teams

Secondary Service Staff Augmentation

  • Natural U.S. Time zones, no working late hours for your team.
  • From one programmer to a big team.
  • Agile manifesto followers.
  • Senior, Junior and interns available.
  • Tested programmers.
  • Devops and Agile support team empowering all teams.
  • Study, training time and daily continuous improvements.
  • Office environment thought to stimulate creativity and reduce stress.
  • Software company working everyday on making better software with the best practices and reducing waste with lean and agile mindsets.
  • Software craftmanship manifesto followers.
  • Community knowledge sharing.


We do not ask for a long term commitments, we do ask for a long term goal, but we bill month to month and our goal is to deliver constant value where the business relationship and the team benefits keep growing.


We started 14 years ago with just 1 programmer and we are now a company that makes the live of 50+ collaborators and their families better, over the last 10 years we have worked on a multitude of projects from many different business areas, but we achieved the best results with clients that hired a full time team with us, therefore 4 years ago we made the shift to not work on fixed time project, but work only on continous dedicated business relations that allow all parties involved to grow (client, company and collaborators). This allows us to invest on our teams and to dedicate resources into continous improvement with a clear never ending goal of techincal excellence and agility.

  • Front (Angular, React)
  • Back (Php, Node js, Python)
  • AWS (EC2, SQS, Lambda , Cloud Formation, ECS, S3, CloudFront)
  • DB (MySql, Mongo, Dynamo)
  • Frameworks (Serverless, Codeigniter, Laravel, Lumen)
  • Ecommerce (Amazon and Ebay APIS)
  • DEVOPS (Gitlab, SonarQube, Unit test , Cypress, Docker)
  • Automation trough Chrome extensions